Tuesday, 20 September 2011

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: Screening on Facebook's FlickLaunch

My award winning first feature has launch on Facebook's FlickLaunch and is screening now. To watch the film just follow the link below.

The film is a psychological horror set in a big old spooky house in the country. The house we used for our location is Compton House in Sherbourne, Dorset. It is over a thousand years old and is even mentioned in the Doomsday book. It has the most amazing history and is quite an eerie place to say the least.  As we were to find out later on the House has quite a reputation locally for being an actual haunted house. I'm not entirely sure we would've filmed there if I'd know any of this before hand.

As soon as you walk into the house you can feel the weight of that thousand year history and as our lead actor noted "A thousand year old house is bound to collect a few ghosts" and true to the stories strange unexplained things would go bump in the night with a regularity that I still can't explain many years later. Within a few days of entering the House all of us to a man were spooked senseless by the long dark corridors, the windows rattling in the night, the chilling atmosphere and the relentless noises echoing around.

We lived in the house for 40 days and nights and I can honestly say I've never experienced anything quite like it. Everywhere you go in the house you feel that you are being watched. In fact it got so oppressive during the shoot that we took to traveling through the house in pairs as it was just too damn scary to be on your own, especially up in the attics where most of the filming took place. It's quite a sight to see a crew made up of big burly cynical film making types from London who didn't believe in that sort of stuff escorting each other to the toilet because they're too scared to be alone.


To say we slummed it would be an understatement. We filmed in the middle of winter and the House had no heating or running water, the rooms were cold and damp and the air was musty. We slept on camp beds in a large hall like room that we dubbed The Shining Room because it felt like it was right out of the Overlook Hotel. As you can imagine this lead to an interesting shooting environment.

As the shoot wore on the House became more and more oppressive and the crew became more agitated with some even leaving before the end and refusing to step foot into the House ever again. I truly believe by the end we were all relieved to just get out of there alive.

Hope it scares you as much as it did us making it.


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