Friday, 14 March 2014

THE LONG ROAD welcomes Phoebe Mcintosh

THE LONG ROAD: We would like to welcome our lead actress Phoebe Mcintosh to the film. With a wealth of experience Phoebe is playing the role of Rosie and is definitely a name to look out for. We have already shot a couple of scenes with her down in Cardiff nightclub Metros and she has quickly become an essential asset to the film.

The recent shoot in Cardiff went brilliantly (although we did have to dodge golf ball sized hailstones at one point) and our hosts Metros Nightclub were absolutely brilliant in helping us get what we needed so I'd like to say a massive thanks to Hywel and the crew for all their support. Here's their FB page:

Things are moving forward quickly as we prepare to go live with our Crowdfunder Campaign in the coming months. We are looking to shoot the remainder of the film between 28th June-20th July. We now have 50% of the very modest budget in place which is fantastic as it means that someone already believes in the film enough to see it get made.

This is great and means that with a little more push and with the help of YOU we can get this film finished in the way it should be. Please tell everyone you know to come and support our Crowdfunder now matter how small as it really does make the difference to the film getting made. Oh and you get to become a part of this very special community which is shaping the future of cinema. Not bad eh? Details to follow once it goes live.

Keep an eye on my Twitter account for more info on this.