Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jed Bundy Exclusive Interview

As it's a day of finally getting around to updating my blog here's an exclusive interview I did for  &  about my horror film THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS   PLEASE RT

Nos Da

The Workshop Presents... launches mailing list.

Now I'm not normally one for names on lists but I'll make an exception for this one...because I made it and I'm biased.

You can now keep up to date and find out all the latest info on The Workshop Presents... upcoming films and projects by joining the mailing list...if you're so inclined.

There's a digital revolution going on with film makers doing it their own way and audiences seeking out these films on the internet and this is my small part in the process. Hope you feel like being part of it with me. We can really change the industry forever and we can do that together. Honest.

You can join the list here:

It would be lovely to see you.