Monday, 5 September 2011

How to make friends in Nightvision.

Hi Workshoppers

So its been a day slaving away over a hot computer linking up all the little social networking threads and trying to tie them together. Boy my brain is about to pop but at least everything is updated (I think?). Wouldn't it be nice if I could work out what I need to link everything together so I could just type it all into one box and send. That would be lovely. I'm sure there are apps out there that do it but being I'm a computer Luddite I'd be buggered if I know what they are.

Also been negociating the tricky world of Actor agents in an attempt to get the most for the little budget we have on Nightvision but we're getting there and things are starting to look good cast wise (if all goes to plan).

Also been organising another shoot day for this Wednesday on the Roadmovie The Long Road. So as a little treat here's a photo of our reluctant journeyman.


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