Sunday, 7 August 2011


Hi Everyone 
I am working on a on-line horror project called Nightvision that I will be directing the live action parts for. Working with my friend Kev at PlayThisNext we're aiming to produce a thrilling new way of telling stories in a way that's never been done before using social networks and videos but we need your help. We have put the project on a crowd-funder website to raise the money that we need to make the first story in a slate of several stories we're planning on telling in this new way. If you can invest not matter how much it would be a massive help to us and will make a huge difference to this project moving forward. The way it works is the more investors we have the more the project will get noticed and therefore attract further investors.
The project is attracting all sorts of interest and we are talking to some very cool actors to be in it. If its a success Nightvision will be a very cool cutting edge thing to be a part of and could possibly become a very big thing. In return for your investment you get an exclusive 'investors gift' and a ticket to the event and the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped make the project a success.  Details can be found at this link:

Now I know it's a lot to ask at this time of financial woes so don't worry if you can't help but if you can then that would be brilliant and there'll be a beer in it for you at the first night after show party/red carpet thingy. Just come and ask me.

Also for those of you on Facebook and Twitter we have a FB page here:!/nightvisionHQ

Finally anything that you can do to spread the word we be greatly appreciated. The more who come to the party the scarier it gets.

Big Love