Sunday, 4 November 2018

THE LONG ROAD Production Update 4th Nov 2018

Hi Roadsters

I hope you’re all well. Here we are again with an update. 

I’ve been continuing to research alternative distribution methods as I plan for the film’s release next year. 

I recently attended a really interesting seminar at the Satisfied Eye Film Festival (
about self distributing. 

One of the sessions was with filmmaker Howard Webster (
who is developing a potentially brilliant process for self-D that could help film makers like me get their films out to a decent sized audience. This is a growing audience that at this point is pretty untapped by the industry. 

I’m not allowed to talk about much at this stage (out of courtesy to the filmmaker really) and of course like all new ways of doing something it might not pan out but the potential is definitely there. 

The thing is it shows that there are many different ways to release your film and that the industry is changing massively and it’s the smart film makers who are looking for alternative routes.

The old days of waiting on someone to pick up your film on a bad or even worse indifferent deal are over and it really is down to the film maker to build an audience and get their film seen. 

To me this has always made sense. I started making films when my parents bought me a super8 camera as a kid. I had several paper rounds and I would save my wages up until I could buy a Super8 cartridge of film. This would last about 4 mins so I would have to really plan out my films so that I could make a film per cartridge. I didn’t have access to editing back then. This was the early 80’s and a very long time before home editing software. 

Once the film was shot, which usually involved my friends and I running around Leckwith Hill in ski masks or hanging off Cogan quarry, I’d send it away by post and about two-three weeks later get the film spool back. I’d then invite my school friends over to my house for the premier and then charge them 5p for the privilege. 

So for me Howard’s way is a natural continuation of this and if all works out I can’t wait to try it out. If it doesn’t, never mind, at least  he tried and on to the next mad plan. 

To further support the idea that I’m doing the right thing I have been offered another deal on my horror film Through The Looking Glass (
that will see it released on even more VOD platforms in the US. Not bad for a film first released 11 years ago. 

It has just become clear to me that as an indie film maker a bog standard sales distribution deal is probably not worth the paper it’s written on. It really feels like we’re at a brave new world stage for indie film makers but that no one has fully formulated what that brave new world is yet. I find it an incredibly exciting time to be an indie and although it’s much more work and harder, the opportunities are potentially greater than ever before. 

Until next time
May the road rise with you. 


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