Friday, 31 August 2012

DVD release date for award winning horror film Through the Looking Glass is confirmed.

OCTOBER 31st 2012:

The award winning indie horror film Through the Looking Glass will be released on DVD on October 31st 2012. It is being self distributed by The Workshop Presents… the company set up by the film’s director.

The film was made on a micro-budget of £6000k and lots of favours from everyone involved. It was a real group effort. Basically we locked ourselves into a real haunted house called Compton House in Dorset, UK (which is a 1000 years old and mentioned in the Doomsday book) and didn't leave for about 45 days slowly becoming more terrorised by the house as we filmed in the cold February air with no heating or hot water. 

It was an incredible shoot taking a hardened cynical London crew to this crazy old house in the country and watching them slowly fall apart as they became more terrified by their experiences. It was unlike anything anyone had ever been involved in before. We worked long hard nights filming late into the small hours and averaging 18-19 hour days often running around cold deserted cellars or attics scaring the be-Jesus out of each other. 

There was a real sense of community on the film and everyone no matter what their role big or small chipped in and made this happen. Cast and crew all slept on camp beds in the same room, as the rest of the house was too scary to be alone in at night and we spent the time before sleep drinking whiskey and telling each other spooky stories of our experiences around the house. It’s fair to say not much sleeping got done in those 45 days.

However it was all worth it when we finally emerged, gaunt, bedraggled, bordering on insanity, all having managed to keep it together long enough to get the film in the can. 

Then the harsh realities of being an indie film maker kicked in and it took a couple of years of shitty jobs to pay for post production but finally the film was ready.

It has screened at festivals around the world and has won awards as well as being nominated for several others. It has been picked up by US distrib Goliath Arts who are taking care of the VOD but I have been determined right from the beginning to self distribute the DVD as I am fully convinced that SELF-D is the future for indie film makers such as myself (ask me again next year if I still think the same). The aim is to make enough money on this release to fund my next project and so on.

It’s an incredibly hard time to get indie films made in the current financial climate and the film really is a testament to everyone's hard work and dedication to the project that it is now a reality. Any support you can show us will be greatly appreciated. The more people you can tell about the film the better. As an indie I really don’t have the clout behind my small film that even the most low budget of Hollywood films have so it all does really help.

For further tales from the film shoot please visit the film’s website
We have also released the film’s soundtrack on CD via the film’s website and Amazon.

For more info check out:

"A terrifying horror, an atmospheric shocker" - Festival Director SBFF 2007, winner of Best Horror

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