Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Long Road Production Update June 2022

Hi Roadsters I hope you’re all well. Sorry it's been a while since the last update about The Long Road but I've been pretty busy on a couple of long running projects that have had very BIG deadlines and taken up all my time. Hopefully these are coming to an end soon. Since the last update I have sent out all the perks I can at the moment. Sorry if you haven't received yours yet but I promise you will get them as soon as they are ready. Most of the physical perks have been posted except the DVD's and the digital perks are still to be sent. This is because as some of you know I have been re-editing the film. Don't worry I'm not doing a George Lucas and putting in lots of CGI. I haven't got the. budget for that! :) Basically the film was finished about 3 years ago and picked up by The British Council who then spent a year or so showing it to all the festivals/sales agents. The general feedback was that the beginning didn’t work well enough so after about a year of trying to get a deal we decided to do a re-edit, which I’ve been slowly doing between the other projects. Then the pandemic happened and my editor wasn’t available and I was caught up with an interactive Zoom movie which is about to come to an end (That’s a whole other story I’ll bore you with over a beer at some point.) I’m hoping to finally get back to the edit at the end of the summer so we can resubmit and try for another deal. Having to re-edit also means having to re-colour grade, re-sound design/mix and playouts which is a big costly process. It happens on pretty much most films but normally they have the money to do it quickly. The perks of indie film making eh? I know this all sounds like a nightmare but actually it's pretty normal for an indie film. As I was telling my old pal and backer of the film, Sammi, I could tell you some real horror stories about what some of my friends have had to deal with. You quickly get used to it. It’s always a catch 22 getting a film made even for the big guys. You need the money to get a named actor, but can’t get the money without a named actor and even then you can’t always get a deal. It took Clint Eastwood over a decade to get Million Dollar Baby made and they even said no after he’d just won an Oscar for The Unforgiven, so if it’s good enough for Clint it’s fine by me. The re-edit would have been finished a year or so ago if it hadn't been for these other projects but I guess it's a good problem to have. Film making is always about juggling projects and I seem to have several that are just long running and full on…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am determined to get The Long Road finished this year either way by hook or by crook as they say. And once it is I shall send out the digital perks/DVD's asap. Thanks again for all your support everyone, I honestly didn’t think this would take so long as it was designed to be a quick “guerrilla" style filum but life has as way of saying nope doesn’t it? Again thanks for the support, it really does help keep me going. In the meantime I have been uploading lots of content to my You Tube channel Terrortube which you can watch for free including my first feature film Through The Looking Glass. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRhN-Ie0Lv6COpMO8HHXVFw Please feel free to subscribe for more free filums. I hope you are all well and safe. Anyway as always may the road rise with you until next time. Big love Craig

Friday, 13 May 2022

Introducing TERRORBiTES

Friday 13th May 2022:
The perfect date for @terrortube to annouce it has added a new playlist called TERRORBiTES, showcasing some of our fave #horrorfilms from other #filmmakers. Plz welcome our first guest filmmaker Adriano Gazza (@AdrianoGazza) with his film Underneath. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6c1lxwc8uCl5x3c_lWsnFIoHb4lJEXr0 TERRORtUBE is a You Tube channel specialising in horror films.

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

JOHN WILLIAMS - a 90th celebration

To celebrate the 90th birthday of The Maestro John Williams I wanted to share a few memories of my time as a life long fan and what his music has meant to me. 

The First time the music of John Williams would have any impact on me was as a 5 year old boy. 

It was 1975. 

And “THAT THEME” was everywhere. 

“Dun-Dun. Dun-Dun.”

I was terrified to go into the water after that. Jaws was as we’ve now come to realise the start of the blockbuster but it was as lean a film as I’ve ever saw. The troubles with Bruce are legendary and so director Steven Spielberg turned to the music to deliver the scares that the rubber shark couldn’t and boy did the music do the job. You could hear those two simple notes being hummed at every beach,swimming pool and bathroom you went to that summer. Of course at the time I didn’t know it was John Williams. But I certainly knew the music. 

However, like many of us I didn’t become aware of who John Williams was until 1977. It was my birthday and Mum and Dad took me to the cinema to see the film that would change everything.

To this day I still get excited chills hearing that trumpet blast. Like all geeks of a certain age I was obsessed. And as we played with our Palitoy miniature people and clashed our orange handled laser swords together, we would hum the music of John Williams. It wasn’t long before I had the soundtrack cassette and sitting in the front room headphones on, volume up, riding the old rocking chair back and forth like an X-Wing, my mind was among the stars. 

Next came the Mothership. Watching with my dad at the Chapter Arts centre in Canton, Cardiff neither of us could believe what we were watching and hearing as that majestic spaceship rose up and glided over the Devil’s Tower. To my tiny little brain that end scene where music is the language by which we communicate with aliens was a true stroke of genius and getting to watch the film at the base of the real Devil’s Tower many years later really brought home to me just how crazy an idea it was but somehow so right.  So perfect.

Then followed Superman. Watching the red velvet curtains opening on the screen and being whisked away to Krypton with that epic main theme literally announcing his name. You couldn’t help but believe.

That music grounded these films in a kind of reality and I never doubted that they were real.

And so it went on, whether it be fighting Nazi in the desert or aliens flying bikes across the moon the tone of my childhood was always set by his music. 

Of course as I got older and my tastes changed so did the music but somehow his music never lost that thrill, that excitement, that shear joy. 

I might be changing but my love for the music wasn’t, through chomping Dinosaurs, boy wizards and further battles in that galaxy far far away, one thing remained constant. 

The score. 

The score was always just right.

And then finally after many years of trying but somehow missing the mark, I got to see him conduct live in Vienna in 2020, just before the pandemic and it was truly a transcendental experience. A life long culmination of my love of music, not just his music but of music itself. Seeing a master at work and how he controlled the orchestra in that way was sublime. So much so I was hooked, like a John Williams solar eclipse chaser I had to experience it again. This time in Berlin a year or so later. And again it was overwhelming. I was on my own and three lovely old German ladies took me under their wing. Not only did we talk about our love of the music and the excitement of watching a live orchestra, but they also shared their sweets with me in case I should need to cough. They explained it was the done thing just in case, so as not to spoil the concert. 

And to me that is the power of his music, that shared common ground that brought us together and broke all the barriers. Music that united a gruffty Welshman like me with the height of German bohemian socialites. Just for the shear joy of it. 

As I look back, over the years many companions have come and gone in my life but The Maestro is the one who has remained a constant. After nearly 50 years of listening to his music I can honestly say he is the magic to all those films I love, he is the secret ingredient…the magic sauce, even when the films aren't so great, he always is. 

And now I find myself about to embark on one more adventure to experience The Maestro at work, again in Vienna March 2022. I am aware that this is most likely the last time I will get to see him conduct live and that deeply saddens me but I am also filled with joy to realise that I have been lucky enough to be alive at the same time as one of the all time great composers, not just for film but in music full stop. So if this is to be the last time I experience him “leading the band” then I will relish it for all it is worth. But you know there is a part of me that thinks there will always be a next time. Who knows, that’s the beauty of life. A couple of years ago I was supposed to see him conduct the LSO at the Royal Albert Hall and he became ill the night before and couldn’t make it. I really thought I would never get to see him conduct. I honestly thought I’d missed my chance and yet now as I stand on the edge of seeing him a third time in as many years (despite a global pandemic) I guess anything is possible. And until it isn’t I will continue to chase the eclipse. 

So, I’ll leave you with my absolute pinnacle of John Williams music. For me the piece that no matter how many times I’ve heard it (and I have heard it so many times), it never ever makes me feel anything less than exhilarated and always takes me right back to that rainy Sunday morning in a dark smoky cinema in Cardiff as a 10 year old boy sharing the adventures of our heroic trio, Luke, Leia and Han as the dreaded Darth Vader closes in. 

If for nothing more than the absolute joy he has brought all our lives over the years, Happy 90th birthday Maestro. 

Cue: the Imperial March. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Hi Roadsters
I hope you’re all well. I just wanted to update you as I was planning to start sending out perks back in Feb but due to the Covid 19 virus I felt it best to postpone until things have settled down. I am really sorry about the delay but I felt that considering people's safety at this time more important.

Once it is safe to send the parcels I will let you know. It's very frustrating as it's just sat there in a box in my office all ready to go but I'm sure you'll agree that in the big scheme of things there are more important things to be concerned about at the moment.

As I said in my last update that all the perks are pretty much ready to go other than the final DVD’s. They won’t be ready until the film is released so I’m going to send out the perks as they are with the DVD’s to follow later.

In the meantime I have been uploading lots of content to You Tube channel Terrortube where you can watch for free including my first feature film Through The Looking Glass.
Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRhN-Ie0Lv6COpMO8HHXVFw/
I hope you are all well and please stay safe.
Anyway as always may the road rise with you until next time. 

Big love

Sunday, 8 December 2019


Hi Roadsters
I hope you’re all well. Sorry it’s been a while since the last update but I’ve been full on with finishing a short horror film for Banshee Productions which is almost done. 

Saying that I have been busy getting all the backer perks together for you all and they are pretty much ready to go other than the final DVD’s. They won’t be ready until the film is released so I’m going to send out the perks as they are with the DVD’s to follow later. This will start in Jan as  Xmas is now around the corner and nobody needs that confusion. 

With regards the film itself, I’ve been away from The Long Road for a while and reflecting upon my experience with it at the Galway Fleadh I’ve ‘unlocked’ the film and have started a re-edit. 

This isn’t as drastic as it sounds and is me taking advantage of having the luxury of time to do it. Having some time off from the film has allowed me to look at it fresh and see that the beginning of the film isn’t as strong as the rest. I always knew this would be the case as our lead character is a hard character to like. This was always the point to contrast the change he goes through and I always knew it would be a big ask to expect the audience to stick with it. However it feels that it goes on too long like that and he needed softening a little. With this in mind I felt we needed to tone done his unsympathetic nature and at least give us some kind of way into his character so that we want to spend time with him. Saying that he’s still an absolute git with a lot to learn which was always the point, just not in such a relentless way. 

Now a lot of people would say I shouldn’t talk about this stuff but as backers of the film I think it’s important you are included as much as possible in the process and it happens on every film so what’s the point in pretending otherwise. You’ve signed up to support the film and I think you should share in it warts and all. 

The main thing is that by opening up the film again it will confirm where it works and where it needs work. That’s the beauty of changing things around and looking at it from a different perspective and that can only be a good thing as it will make the film stronger. As I don’t have a deadline to work to it means that I can make sure the film is the best it can be or at least as good as I can make it. Saying that I really do have to put it to bed at some point otherwise it’ll be a life long project the way it’s going. It turns out perfection is impossible to find, who’d have thunk?

Anyway as always may the road rise with you until next time. 

Big love

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Long Road update Aug 2019

I hope you are all well. I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in a while but things have been pretty busy. 

I had to get a load of materials together to take the film to the Galway Film Fleadh which was amazing. More to follow on that. 

Good news. Today I have ordered all the perks and they will be sent out to you once everything has arrived just in time for the film’s release later this year. 

I have also started the final grade pass of the film and will then be preparing the Blu-ray files. 

We are planning a premier screening in London followed by further screenings with q&a’s. These are all to be confirmed and as soon as I have more I’ll let you know. 

We’re in the last leg now and I can’t wait to get the film out finally. 

In the meantime may the road rise with you. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

THE LONG ROAD Crowdfunding update.

Hi Roadsters 

So here we are into the last 5 days of the campaign and at 90%. AMAZING. One last push and we’re there. We have £200 left to raise to hit target and I need all your help to do it. Please share the campaign link igg.me/at/TheLongRoad and tell as many people as you can about the film.

I’ve decided that September will be the release month for the film so I can now get everything together for that and with the help of our PR guru Susie Tullett we should be able to get some decent reviews in the papers etc and get some bums on seats. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all at one of the screenings once dates have been locked. In the meantime Thank You for all your support. You’ve all been amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you. The film is yours as much as mine and you should be extremely proud of that. You’re alright you are. 

Here’s a couple of pieces of music from the film: 

Main Theme Photo Video:https://youtu.be/CmO42rL7NHs 

Rosie’s Theme:https://youtu.be/vLpYrcntYTk 

Until next time may the road rise with you. 

Best Craig